Note: Our area’s Congressional districts have changed! District 4 now extends south through the city of St. Augustine Beach.  (Ron DeSantis represents District 6, which lies south of 4.)

Click here for a map of Districts 4 and 6.

Need to register or get an absentee ballot? Get all your voting questions answered by the St. Johns County Elections Office at www.votesjc.com  (904) 823-2238

Info and volunteering

You can get candidate info and yard signs and volunteer to help in a number of ways during elections by visiting the local Republican Party headquarters at 3149 N. Ponce de Leon (Hwy 1 North) in the Little Depot shopping center just north of Hwy 16, in St. Augustine. Call them at 904-717-2016.

Checking on the truth

Candidates say a lot of things to sound appealing and build their case. It helps to check some of these statements against the facts. Try Factcheck or, for those dramatic stories you sometimes get via email, check them at Snopes.